Best natural ways to fall asleep

Who doesn’t want to know some good ways to fall asleep?

At some point in our lives, we all have experienced sleeplessness.
You might have felt restless or agitated by a particular situation, or you might have been so nervous about your exams that you couldn’t sleep.

Or, maybe you simply ate so spicy that your bowels caused you to miss out on a good night’s sleep.

There are numerous reasons why people can’t sleep, it happens to all of us at one time or another. Medical experts considered this normal; no reason for alarm.
But, knowing a few good ways to fall asleep could definetly make your life easier. After all, we all want to feel fit and energetic the next day.

Professional ways to fall asleep

If you have trouble falling asleep for a longer period of time and can’t understand why, it may be time to consult a specialist. Sleeping specialists should diagnose your condition and, based on the results of these examinations, the causes for your sleeplessness might be from medication, physiological conditions or metabolic conditions.

But, professional insomnia treatment isn’t necessary in most cases. A few good and easy ways to fall asleep will usually help turn your current sleeping pattern to a normal sleep cycle. Most people can learn how to fall asleep fast by applying some of the sleeping tips. And, if you’re having more serious sleep problems, you can find the best ways to fall asleep by reading our sleep report (which you can find as a downloadable PDF on the right hand side of your screen).

Natural ways to fall asleep

Best natural ways to fall asleep
The different ways to fall asleep entail either natural sleeping remedies or chemical sleeping techniques. Natural techniques involve environmental changes, lifestyle changes, herbal remedies and other natural remedies. On the other hand, chemical techniques include taking supplements, sleeping pills or prescription medication.

We will stay away from chemical sleeping remedies in our top 10 list of the best ways to fall asleep. Below, you will only find time tested natural ways to fall asleep, which you can use to get a good night’s sleep. After all, you deserve it!

1. Herbal remedies – the use of herbs to cure insomnia has been done since ancient times and is one of the more popular ways to fall asleep. They not only help with insomnia but are also used to treat agitation, restlessness and ultimately to induce sleep. Herbs like Kava kava, Chamomile and Valerian root are still being used as supplements, teas and tinctures for sleep. These herbs are not only effective, but unlike prescription medication they won’t cause dependence. A few good ones are:
Triple Complex Sleep Tonic

However, if you want to use herbal remedies as a way to fall asleep, you should carefully research the active ingredients of the sleeping aid. And, if you plan on using herbal remedies together with other medications, it is important to ask your doctor for any adverse effect with the current medication you have.

2. Meditation and relaxation – sleep experts suggested two other ways to fall asleep, which includes meditation and soothing music. Meditation can be effective in reducing sleeplessness because it’s usually caused by stress and anxiety. Yoga groups and other meditation classes may help you strengthen the mind and body, which will reduce the stress and manage the insomnia. You may enroll for yoga training and apply what you have learned before you go to sleep. Be sure to designate an area of your room where you can sit and meditate before you retire.

There are various relaxation techniques that you can do… even on your own. Using your favorite scent for a warm bath can make you feel relaxed and ready for sleep. Use back, neck and head massagers if you feel restless and tight. If you have someone to give you a back or body massage, have them give you one. Use incense, aromatic oils and candles to set the mood to relax.

If you apply for the SleepTrack sleeping program, you’ll receive several calming and sleep inducing tracks. I can’t find a good way to describe the special sounds this program makes use of, but if you click here, you can hear these special rhythms in a video sample. It might sound strange at first, but if you use the tracks together with the other instructions you get, this is definitely one of the best ways to fall asleep!

3. Distractions – eliminate all things that may distract you from sleeping. This means you might need to move the television and your computer out of the room if they are causing a distraction and keeping you from falling asleep. If you use your laptop or portable gaming console in bed, you should consider replacing them with light reading material, simple hobbies and picture books. It would be best to move the phone away from the bedside since this can only distract you from falling asleep.

4. Diet – a special diet may also save you from insomnia. Avoid fatty foods and high cholesterol food an hour before you retire. If you must eat a heavy meal for dinner, do light activities to help your body relax. Never exercise heavily… just as you shouldn’t play computer games or watch television before trying to fall asleep.

You may get hungry again before bedtime especially when you ate an early dinner. In this case, you can eat foods that are high in tryptophan such as milk, turkey meat or tuna. Tryptophan induces calmness and relieves restlessness to promote sleep.

5. Your room – sleeping specialists would always ask you to evaluate your bedroom and look at things that may cause you to have trouble sleeping. Using a comfortable bed is one of the easy ways to fall asleep. Lie on your bed and observe for creaking noises, loose springs, mattress lumps or anything that may not feel right when you lie down to sleep. As you do, observe the lighting, room temperature and the entire feel of the room. Look for things that you can change to induce relaxation and sleep.

Lighting is one of the ways you can use to make the room feel cozier and more appropriate for sleep. Adjust the lighting to your preference. Do you want to fall asleep in the dark or would you rather use a night light?
Some studies have shown that it’s better to sleep in the dark though. So if you use a night light to get to sleep, make sure that it automatically turns off.

6. Dress the part – changing into comfortable sleep clothes may entice you to go to sleep. Just the feel of your sleep clothes on your skin may initiate calmness and relaxation.
Choose fluffy and comfortable bedroom slippers, loose and oversized pajamas or shirts and use your most comfortable bedding to help you set the mood for sleep.

7. Bored to sleep – doing or thinking of boring stuff usually makes us feel sleepy. This way to fall asleep is based on the fact that we get sleepy in boring situations like a long speech, reading a long novel or just thinking about boring stuff. These can basically trigger an automatic switch in your brain to make you yawn and feel sleepy.

8. Light activities – light activities before retiring for the evening are perfect ways to fall asleep. Listening to light music, playing a music instrument, reading, chatting, painting or doing hobbies like knitting or crocheting may relax you and make you ready to go to sleep. Never watch television or play video games that can make you feel agitated just before going to bed.

9. Removing stress – this is one of the most recommended and best ways to fall asleep. It may be impossible to find a way to solve all your problems and worries in one night but you may try to write all your stressors down to relieve you of it. Keep a journal by your bedside where you can write down everything that bothers you right before you go to sleep or just jot down the activities for the next day. This helps reducing the chaos in your head and will give you a reassuring feeling that you won’t forget about it tomorrow.
Aside from writing things down, why not talk to someone like a family member or your partner so they can help you out. Who knows? They may even have the solution to your problem!

10. Noise control – a noisy environment will definitely deter sleep. Having a totally quiet room may be close to impossible if you share your room with others; but, you can easily solve this by using noise reduction headsets or earpieces.

Upon following these strategies, you will soon have your sleep pattern on its regular cycle. Try these ways to fall asleep tonight, so you can be your healthy and bright self tomorrow.

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