Best way to fall asleep

It’s hard to say that something is the best way to fall asleep, because what may be the best way to fall asleep for me will probably be different than your best way for falling asleep. It all depends on the cause of your sleeplessness, your background, your age, etc. This means that there are thousands of best ways to fall asleep, not just one best way. We’re all different, have different backgrounds and react different to various possible solutions.
So the question shouldn’t be what’s the best way to fall asleep but what’s the best way to fall asleep FOR ME. And to find the answer to that questions simply means that you should experiment.
Below (and on other pages on this website), you will find a few good ways for falling asleep. And who knows, maybe it’s your best best way to fall asleep.

Possible best way to fall asleep

Before you go to bed, take a pen and piece of paper with you. If you find yourself tossing and turning again, list down what keeps you awake. Just jot down all the problems and emotions that bother you. This may help you to identify your worries and other personal difficulties, so that you can start working on them.

A very relaxing way to fall asleep is praying. You can talk about your concerns with God, which will help you to unwind your body, mind and soul. Pray about the things you listed, and eliminate the things that disturb you.

Sometimes your bedroom is simply too light, the sunshine comes in and causes you to stay awake or wake up early. The best way to fall asleep in this situation would be to add blinds orcurtains, but you can always wear a sleep mask that covers your eyes. A dark surrounding helps the body to unwind and relax.

Listening to calming and relaxing music is a very effective way to put your body and your brains in sleeping mode. Spa and massage salons usually play relaxing music, maybe you can get a copy of their music to play when you go to sleep at night. Just let the music sooth your brain to make you slowly drift off to sleep.

Be sure that your mattress is comfortable and ensures good relaxation. A bad mattress is a very common yet easily overlooked cause for sleeping problems. The mattress must have the ability to support your whole body, some mattresses even have different zones for different parts of your body.
Spraying your mattress and pillow with aromatherapy fragrances is an extra tip that may work for some people, but not everybody likes these strong scents.

But again, the best way to fall asleep is a personal matter, so just try a few sleep tips and find your own best way before insomnia beats you.

best way to fall asleep

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