Easy Ways to Fall Asleep

It is normal to sometimes have difficulty in sleeping, you don’t really need these easy ways to fall asleep if your sleep problem is occasional.
But usually, as the clock ticks, you become more pressured to sleep, which prevents you from becoming drowsier. Sleeping pills can be tempting but they can produce harsh effects to the body and its organs.

Here are some natural home remedies which are really easy ways to fall asleep.

Several easy ways to fall asleep

Sometimes the noise from the other parts of the house or the neighborhood can prevent you from sleeping immediately. To address this problem, wear ear plugs so as not to hear anything disturbing. You can also put on a music that calms the mind for you to drift off easily.

Drink warm milk with a teaspoon of honey and sprinkled nutmeg. Stir this well for a delicious drink. Warm milk, honey and nutmeg have natural properties that make one sleepy.

One type of vegetable that can stimulate drowsiness is lettuce. It contains lactucarium, a natural sleep-inducer. Instead of eating lettuce, juice it and drink it before bedtime.

Take a warm bath with a little honey before going to bed. On your scalp, place cheese curd prior to showering. You can also just take in honey and curd before you sleep. In your tub with warm water, you can also place two cups of epsom salts and dip in it for 20 minutes. These are easy ways to fall asleep before bedtime.

Before you sleep, you can do relaxation activities. One of them is yoga. This will help you rest physically and mentally.

After dinner, eat a mixture of mashed banana and roasted cumin seeds. This will make your body relaxed for you to go to bed. You can also nibble a cookie before going to bed. This has sugar which can act as a sedative when it is taken half an hour before bedtime. Just make sure you do not eat more than a couple of cookies as too much sugar has a reverse effect.

When you find yourself unable to sleep at night, try any of these easy ways to fall asleep.

Easy ways to fall asleep

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