How do I fall asleep

A lot of people ask themselves, how do I fall asleep?

I know it can be a challenge, but please read on. If you always have trouble falling asleep, you should know that falling asleep is something that can be learned.

Just read on and before you know it, how do I fall asleep will be a quesion you know the answer to.

How do I fall asleep fast – 10 solid answers

1) Be careful on your food intake. Good meals that induce sleep are meals that contain dairy products or for examples wholemeal bread and bananas. However, you should stay away from meals that contain a lot of protein and meals that are spicy.
2)Do not eat too little though, it’s hard to go to sleep when you’re hungry.
3)Avoid eating a big meal before bedtime, this might result in acid reflux or heartburn. Best would be to eat your meal a couple of hours bedore you go to bed.
4)If you’re doing your exercises at night, try and switch to a schedule where you do your exercises in the morning. Exercise may keep the body awake for at least three hours.
5)If you need to nap, make sure that you lie down for 15 minutes tops. Longer naps will make it harder to fall asleep when you retire for the night.

6)Unwind and relax before you go to bed. Worries and stress will make it harder to go to sleep, so you have to reduce your anxiousness if you wish to fall asleep fast. How do I fall asleep fast starts with handling stress.
8)Maintain a daily routine before bedtime. A regular sleeping pattern means doing exactly the same things before you go to bed each night, this will help your body to understand that it’s time for sleep and relaxation. So first close the doors, then turn off the heating, brush you teath, etc.
9)Have a tight sleep-wake schedule and start your bedtime routine each night at the exact same time. This will additionaly help in training your mind and body that it’s time for sleep. Make sure to wake up at the exact same time as well, and maintain your schedule on weekends. If nescessary, keep adjusting your schedule until you have found your own perfect personal sleep-wake cycle.
10)Wear comfortble bed clothes and have a prefectly clean and comfortable bed. You don’t want to sleep on the floor or on a hard mattress, do you? So how do I fall asleep starts with a comfortable sleeping area.

There are plenty of other ways to go to sleep quickly, this is just a start. Feel free to look for more tips and tricks on falling asleep until you know the answer to the question that brought you here, how do I fall asleep.

How do I fall asleep

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