How to fall asleep instantly

If you are looking for techniques on how to fall asleep instantly then you are not alone. More and more people around the world are now dependent on some form of medication to get a good night’s sleep. And, who really wants that? You don’t want to rely on sleeping pills for the rest of your life, do you?

Whereas some people fall asleep the second their head touches the pillow, others lay awake tossing and turning the rest of the night. How unfair.

If you belong to the second group and want to learn how to fall asleep instantly, then you’ve come to the right place.

How to fall asleep instantly

Falling asleep may be a complicated matter. You may feel sleepy and tired at the end of the day but still suffer from a lack of sleep during the overnight hours. However, there are several techniques that can help you to finally get some shut eye.

1. The room you sleep in should be pitch dark. Block all outside lights from coming through the windows and eliminate all interior light. Consider covering the alarm clock since you won’t be obsessed about the time and get rid of the light.

2. Consider an exercise called progressive relaxation. It works by going from your toes to your head and FEEL every body part, go from your toes to your knees to your upper legs to your thighs, etc.
FEEL the weight of each body part and then slowly relax the body party as you slowly let it go into the bed. Include every body part that is connecting each one to the next, and go from your toes to your head with a short pause in between.

3. Meditation is a perfect way to fall asleep instantly. Choose a place in the house where you won’t be disturbed for at least an hour. Ensure that it’s quiet and conducive to meditation… no television, computer or gaming console in sight. Do deep breathing exercises as you sit on a chair or floor and let the worries of the day go by. By doing this each day, you’ll have the chance to unload your worries and stress, allowing the body to accept relaxation and, ultimately, sleep.

4. Another tip you can try is visualizing something that bores you. You may be able to recapture the tired and sleepy feelings you had during these boring situations. This won’t work for everyone, but for those who are good at visualizing this might be the best tip on how to fall asleep instantly.

5. Another tip on how to fall asleep instantly is to consult your doctor about herbal sleep aids. Ask for herbs that are considered effective and are safe to use as an insomnia treatment. Chamomile is an herb that is mostly taken as a calming tea; take a cup of this herbal tea before you retire and you will find yourself more relaxed and less stressed, ready to hit the covers!
Other herbs that may be prescribed are California poppy, Passion flower and Kava kava.
These are all common ingredients for natural sleeping remedies that not only promote sleep but cure agitation and restlessness as well. Here are a few good ones:
Triple Complex Sleep Tonic

6. A massage can greatly help persons fall asleep instantly. Ask your spouse to give you a massage before going to bed… either a full body massage or a neck, shoulders and back massage.
Massaging the tension areas will help reduce stress, which will help you to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep the entire night.

7. If you’re working in shifts and need to sleep in the daytime, it can be hard to block out the distractions of the outside world. By covering your eyes with a sleep mask and using earplugs, you can find the peaceful setting that you need to finally drift off to sleep.

8. What makes a lot of people instantly fall asleep is music. Listening to soft and soothing music or some other kind of audio sounds can greatly help the process of falling asleep. In fact, there are a few CDs that have especially been designed to help people with insomnia. Some have soothing sounds such as heartbeats, ocean waves, leaves in the wind or something of a similar nature.

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9. Some people may experience insomnia because of personal problems that they worry about too much. If this is the primary reason why you cannot sleep, then talk to someone or write a simple journal about your thoughts and the possible solutions for each problem. Unloading your stressors may help you to sleep soundly at night.

How to fall asleep instantly10. Environmental conditioning is another way to sleep instantly at night. Remove all things that can distract you from sleeping including the television, laptop, office documents, cell phones, etc. Create a room that you will find comfortable to sleep in. Make sure the mattress is comfortable and adjust the lighting and room temperature to suit your needs.

What if I can’t find how to fall asleep instantly

If all else fails and you still want to know how to fall asleep instantly, then it might be a good time to talk to your doctor. See what he/she advises you to take; they may also prescribe you some type of sleep medication. Be sure you find out about any side effect these medications may have and about the adverse reactions to other medicines you could experience. Your doctor should also suggest how long you can use this type of medication. After all, you want to know how to fall asleep instantly, the natural way.

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