How to make yourself fall asleep

If you’ve been searching for techniques on how to get to sleep or have trouble falling asleep each night, just read on. Before you know it, you too will know how to make yourself fall asleep.
It may be hard to master everything that´s needed for making yourself fall asleep, but when you stick to the tips on this website and remain disciplined, you’ll get to learn everything you need to know on how to make yourself fall asleep.

Learn how to make yourself fall asleep

1) Follow a strict sleeping schedule. You may have read this before, but the fact is that most people don´t follow up on it. But if you do, this really is a very easy and effective way to fall asleep fast. If you go to bed at the exact same time each night, your body will realize that it needs to relax when it’s time for bed. You’re basicly in sleeping phase already when you hit the pillow. So for example, if you´re always going to sleep at exactly eleven o’clock and always wake up at the exact same time, say seven in the morning, then by the time its eleven in the evening, you´ll be sleepy already. If you follow a strict sleep/wake schedule, you´ll also know that you get enough sleep.

2)Eating greatly affects the abilty to fall asleep, so be carefull on your food intake before going to sleep. Your stomach should not be full, nor should it be empty when you want to make yourself fall asleep. They both have unwanted effects. In general, you should wait about three hours after dinner before you go to sleep. If your body just screams for food, make sure to stick to snacks that contain tryptophan, such as tuna, milk and peanuts. Stay away from carbohydrates.

3)Create a comfortable environment and climate and make sure that your sleeping area is pitch dark. In case your bedroom reveals outdoor lights it´s best to work on that, just buy some blinds or curtains. As an easy solution you can also buy some eye covers.

4)Sleep in a comfortable position that you´re used to, but always try to keep your head and your neck straight. This means that you should use a comfortable pillow of a certain height to prevent your head from tilting down. If nescessary, you can also use a pillow for your legs.

Just follow these easy tips on how to make yourself fall asleep and enjoy a good night’s sleep again.

how to make yourself fall asleep

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