Steps in answering why I can't sleep anymore

Why is it that I can’t sleep anymore?
This is exactly the question boggling a lot of people’s mind.
If you belong to this population, read on to know the steps and answers to your question – I can’t sleep anymore?

1) For physical causes: You might wake up in the middle of the night because of noises outside your house. As a result, you will find yourself awake. Do the following to help yourself get back to sleep.
a. Do light stretches while lying on your bed.
b. Do not turn on the television or your computer.
c. Go to a different bed.

2) For mental causes: Most of the time when you say I can’ t sleep anymore, you cannot go to sleep or cannot have a quality sleep, because you are thinking and worried of so many things. If there are some things that bother you, just find ways to address it.
a. You have to get in touch with your feelings, this will help you to sleep better.
b. Since you are awake, solve your issues by taking one step at a time. Get a pen and paper. Write down your issues and concerns. Plot your action plans.

What can I do if I can’t sleep anymore?

Do the following whenever you are having difficulties in sleeping and just can’t sleep anymore.
1) Do breathing exercise. Breathe and count one to six. Focus on your breathing to stay calm and relaxed. This is what helps me best if I can’t sleep anymore
2) Put some lavender oils on your pillow case and bed sheets. Essential oils are very helpful to get you to sleep.
3) Avoid doing exercises before you go to sleep. It is better to do exercises upon waking up to energize your mind and body.
4) Establish a routine before going to sleep. In doing this, you are telling your body that it is time to sleep. A good routine could be taking a warm bath, turning off all electronic devices, drinking milk and reading an interesting book.
5) Make sure to sleep in a certain time. Repeat this for several times.

Follow the easy steps above in order for you to answer your question – why I can’t sleep anymore?

I can't sleep anymore

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