I can't sleep help

There are times when you find yourself shouting at night, I can’t sleep, help!
It is important to remember that getting a good night’s sleep is vital for better health. When you are not able to doze off properly at night, you would feel exhausted, unfocused, lazy, and sleepy the following morning. It will hinder you from performing your daily activities productively.

Here are ways to ensure that you do get a good night’s sleep.

What to do when you say “I Can’t Sleep, Help!”

Do not drink any beverage that has caffeine. This has properties that keep you awake. Such drinks having caffeine are coffee, chocolate and tea. Refrain from drinking alcohol at night as this prevents you from getting a restful sleep. Do not drink too much water in the evening as this will cause you to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to urinate.

During daytime, have a 30-minute to an hour of exercise. This will make you tired and then lead you to a good night’s sleep. Do not exercise when you are about to go to bed as this will make you energetic instead of drowsy.

Before you go to bed, do some activities that will relax your mind. These include having a hot shower or bath, reading a good book, meditating, having a massage, or praying. All these will calm the mind and send signals to the brain for the body to rest.

When you find yourself saying, I can’t sleep, help!, you may have eaten a heavy meal just before bedtime. Do not eat anything heavy when you are about to sleep. Eat hours before you doze off.

Always have the same schedule of sleeping at night. Resting at the same hour of the night will make your body get used to this schedule. When the time of sleeping comes, do not do anything else so that your body will immediately relax.

Try these activities in order to have a peaceful and restful slumber.
Surely, you will no longer shout, “I can’t sleep-help!”

I can't sleep help

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