Tips to Fall Asleep

Everyone who has trouble sleeping needs some tips to fall asleep. A good night’s sleep is your passport to having an active and fulfilling day. But if you are having difficulty getting to sleep, just know that you are not alone. Millions of people around the world are suffering from insomnia and, just like you, they are looking for great tips to fall asleep.

14 Useful tips to fall asleep fast

Would you like some tips to fall asleep and actually get a good night’s sleep… for once? If so, then you don’t need to look any further.

1 – You may think you’re too old to be afraid of things that go bump in the night but if you are not comfortable with your bedroom lighting, it may be high time to make adjustments to help you sleep more soundly. Choose a frosted bulb to dim the light a little more. Or, you could choose to use a dimmer to mood light the entire room.

2 – Another tip to fall asleep is what mothers have been doing for centuries… sing a lullaby. Okay, yes, you may be too old for that. But, it definitely shows that calming sounds help people to get to sleep. Unfortunately though, we become less receptive to calming effects as we grow older.

3 – Make a journal or diary to relieve stress. Any planner type notebook that allows you to write down your thoughts for the day will do. Write down anything that may bother you and cause a sleepless night. This can, of course, be plans for the next day. Make sure you do this an hour before you sleep to reflect on what you wrote down. What you’ll find is that you’re less stressed before going to sleep and more likely to sleep continuously throughout the night.

4 – As you list what seems to be waking you up, think of things that you can do to solve these problems. If you need help, consider talking to a friend or a professional that can assist you in making concrete solutions to your problem. This helpful tip to fall asleep will surely have you sleeping peacefully, as you’ll have a solution to your predicament.

5 – Another helpful tip to fall asleep is to find what it is, in your room, that is keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep. If there is something uncomfortable in your bed, it may be high time to change your mattress. There are all kinds of comfortable mattresses that allow the body to relax and initiate sleep. Choose a sturdy mattress instead of an overstuffed one to be able to provide support to the pressure-prone body parts like the neck, arms, back and legs.

6 – The position of your body itself could be the reason for such a hard time dozing off. When you’re positioned awkwardly, you can forget about the sleep you need to be getting. Instead, you should try stretching out or use the natural fetal position we were so familiar with in the womb.

7 – Another great trick to fall asleep is to do activities that help you relax and unwind. Leave office work in the office and do school work an hour before you go to bed. Remove things that can stress you out so you can relax effectively at home.

Try listening to mood music or tunes that can help you unwind. You can also drink chamomile or lemon tea to help you relax and sleep. You may also read novels or paperbacks to help you relax as well.

Tips to fall asleep8 – The temperature of the room can easily cause you to toss and turn. Warm temperatures can make it seem like the covers stick to you, making it difficult to kick them off and get any relief. In cooler temperatures, the body tends to shut itself down, as we try to wrap up in our covers. This tends to comfort us as we are falling asleep in our cocoon of covers.

9 – The bed must only be associated with sleep and sex. Never take your paperwork and laptop to bed. Do not watch TV and or play a gaming console while in bed.

10 – One of the most common tips to fall asleep is that boring things often make people want to go to sleep. Since your television and computer is in another room, read boring novels or history books sure to make you sleepy within no time.

11 – Foods that create gas often leads to a sleepless night. Be sure to do light physical activities after dinner such as walking or strolling to aid digestion. It is also best to refrain from eating gas-forming foods and snack on light meals instead when you feel hungry before bed. You should consider eating fruit in season or drink freshly squeezed juice instead.

12 – Quit watching engaging shows on television or gaming online before you try and sleep. These are only distractions to your goal to have a good night’s sleep. If you must watch a movie on cable or an action packed television show, allow your brain to recuperate from it and sleep 30 minutes later. Chances are, if you try to sleep after the movie, you will have a hard time doing so.

13 – Create a sleeping and a wake-up routine. Go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same hour in the morning. A routine will make you feel sleepy when the hour to sleep approaches and make you sleep uninterrupted until the morning.

14 – Try relaxing activities other than watching television or surfing the web when you can’t sleep. Try reading a novel, listening to relaxing music or just chatting about your day with a family member or partner.

What if you need more tips to fall asleep?

There are several other tips to fall asleep, these are just a few you may want to try the next time you are having trouble falling asleep. You can find more advanced and elaborate tips to fall asleep throughout this website, please feel free to browse around.

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