15 Tricks to Fall Asleep Faster - Clever Tips to Sleep at Night

Most tips you find on falling asleep are very general, so we decided to add a few special tricks to fall asleep quickly. Sometimes you just need to do something out of the ordinary and try uncommon tricks to fall asleep.

When you have trouble sleeping, it’s like turning the key off but the motor keeps running inside you. You’ve tried all the top suggestions and most common sleep solutions, but that’s just not what works for you.

Then why not try these simple yet effective ways to fall asleep. Tricks to fall asleep that may seem like no-brainers, but can easily be overlooked when fatigue starts to set in.

Tricks to fall asleep quickly

Now you don’t need to rely on common tips or over the counter sleep medication anymore, the sleep tricks below may just do the trick…

1. Lower your heart rate by doing deep breathing exercises. Concentrate on your breathing technique for a few minutes and breath slowly and deeply. Do not give up too quickly! This will first slow down your body, and then your mind, so it needs a little time to be effective.

2. One of the best tricks to fall asleep is to rub your stomach. This may sound strange, but really, try it! It will calm your digestive system and brings a deep relaxation to your whole body. Just lie down and rub your stomach in small circular motions, and before you know it you will doze off.
Again, do not give up too quickly.

3. Consider sleeping with your head facing north. This will align the body with the earth’s magnetic fields, which supposedly will bring your energy into harmony… and lead to a quick sleep.

4. Apply for SleepTracks.
I won’t say much about it here, just follow the link and let the sleeptrack rhytms enchant you.

5. Do not go to bed unless you are sleepy. Contrary to what we teach kids to do, adults must wind down first before hopping in bed.

6. Sleep on your back. This is the best position for relaxation, it allows the internal organs to rest as they should. Sleeping on your stomach may cause too much pressure on your organs.

7. An unexpected phone call in the evening may often lead to a sleepless night. Consider leaving a message on your answering machine, telephone calls can be a big distraction to your goal of getting a good night’s sleep.

8. Try using lemon or eucalyptus balms or ointments which can help initiate sleep. Rub some on your chest area or on your temples to ease stress and promote relaxation. This trick to fall asleep will work perfectly with other relaxation methods like massages, warm baths and a light snack.

Tricks to fall asleep9. Make a wind down ritual. This must be started at least an hour before your scheduled bedtime. You can ask for a massage from your partner, take a warm bath, or do a meditation technique to calm you down. Winding down lets your body remove unwanted stress so you can be ready to relax and fall asleep.
This sleep trick can be especially helpful for those who have chronic pains that interrupt sleep. A massage or a warm bath is relaxing, calming, pain relieving and an effective way to sleep better and longer.

10. Mind-sing the lines of your favorite songs with your eyes closed, this will give your imagination a chance to lead you on your quest for rest.

11. With the risk of annoying you, I have to tip the SleepTrack program again. This program really feels like the best sleep trick ever, the specialized rhythmic sleeptracks will guaranteed make you fall asleep in seconds.
The sleeptracks will first slow down your brainwaves, and then train the brain to produce the effective relaxing pulses that slow down your entire brain. Along with the rest of the program, the videos and the e-books, you will create new neural pathways that ultimately allow you to fall asleep easily, even without the sleeptracks.
Stop worrying your nights away, stop tossing and turning, and just click here to change your mental sleeping habits now and forever.

12. Being intimate with your partner is a perfect way to relieve stress and energy. And even if this cuddle and crash sleep technique doesn’t work, in a way you’re still a winner.

13. Another thing people don’t think about when they can’t sleep at night is that pets make us feel safe and secure. Pets can hear and sense things much easier than humans, so having your pet in the bedroom makes it easier to let your guard down, relax and ultimately fall asleep.

14. One of the best tricks to fall asleep for visual and visionary people, is to imagine something peaceful. Just think of the wind in the leaves, a waterfall, or something similar. Keep visualizing your peaceful thought to make you feel comfortable, relax, and fall asleep.

15. One last thing that can help in getting a good night’s sleep is to get rid of that loud alarm clock. Instead, choose an alarm that wakes you up with a gentle alarm sound. With a loud and annoying alarm, you may anticipate the noise as the time gets closer to when it will go off.

Now, all tricks to fall asleep above are time tested and found to be effective for insomnia sufferers everywhere. But….

What if tricks to fall asleep don’t help

If these tricks to fall asleep don’t help, you can always count on not sleeping for a night. Stop tossing and turning, get up, and do anything that you want to do like chores, work, school work… or just have fun. You will be too tired the next day, which basically let instincts take in again. You’ll be so tired now that you’ll fall asleep on your own without any help at all (do not overdo this technique though, as this may ultimately impair your health).

There is always a solution for your sleeplessness, and these simple tricks to fall asleep are definitely worth trying out first.

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